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Backyard Washing

Power Washing


Pavement Marking

Small repair

Property Protection

  • Prepping decks for staining.

  • Prepping fencing for staining or painting.

  • Prepping exterior surfaces for  painting.

  • General path cleaning to tie it all together.

  • Power wash mold off PVC gutters to make them like new.

  • Add new markings for safety.

  • Re-coat old markings for health and safety code.

  • Make parking spot clearer for visitors or customers.

  • Section off certain areas clearly

  • Remove and replace old rotten weatherboards for painting.

  • Fill any old unused hardware holes for a smoother better finish.

  • Cover weatherboard joins to stop splitting.

  • Repair loose or warped decking.

  • Skim coat fixed foundations for an even finish.

  • Grind out cracks in between bricks for re-pointing. 

  • Lay down adequate exterior protection for gardens and decks. No one likes large paint flakes in their garden beds.

  • Protect pathways from being speckled with paint.  

  • Maintain clear windows free from paint and scratches.

  • Always cover sensitive electronics. 

  • Make doorways air tight when sanding plaster, as fine plaster dust can travel far and damage valuables.

  • The removal of small furniture and decorations will be carried out safely with maximum care.

  • All large furniture that cannot be removed will be protected.

  • Flooring, be it carpet/ vinyl/ hardwood or other, will have the adequate type of protection.

  • Heat pumps will be wrapped.

  • Door handles and hinges will be taped.

It should be evident

Protecting your property is paramount.

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